About Us

who we are

Fukkul Aani is a non-profit organization, founded by the CEO of Fukkul Aani, Fatima Tul Zahra that is bent upon changing prespective and revolutionize education in the world. Its conception was inspired by the story of Fatima herself, who devoted her entire teenage to explore her religion and life in general.

our vision

Her endeavors gave birth to a solution : Fukkul Aani. For all those who have undergone similar pressures or even worse, have experienced the same existential crisis in their lives and want to reform their children’s upbringing, Fatima-tu-Zahra wanted to develop a global platform and touch the lives of people world over.

our mission

Drawing inspiration and results of latest Western models of education, like the Waldorf education system, Fukkul Aani will serve to cover all learning styles: using visual, verbal and physical and tangible means, to impart knowledge of multiple disciplines, allowing people to stand apart as more intellectual, mature and purposeful human beings.

Fukkul Ani wishes to:

  • Develop an out-of-the-box, optimistic perspective of things and life in general.
  • Allow children to make full use of Islamic teachings and principles, and adopt it as a way of life.
  • Intellectually develop children about Islam and its teachings to allow them to answer questions.
  • Address the issue of terrorism and remove any confusions the children might have when they grow up.
  • Tackle modern day menaces like drugs and vulgarity etc.
  • Combine education and entertainment.